Variations  in  French  Names

It is asked why there are so many variation in French names...and there are many, which obviously makes our "task" that much more difficult...but interesting!

The following article (one of the many hundreds on the "In Search of Our Acadian Roots" CD-ROM) has been translated and is reproduced here with

     thanks to Claude Perrault and the Socièté Généalogique Canadienne-Française. Translation of SELECTED PARTS of "Les Variances des

     Noms Propres et des Prénoms et leurs Surnoms", by Claude Perrault...published by Loisirs St-Edouard Inc., 1981-1982.

Where did the variations of a name come from?

A1. The spelling of names in Canada, from the discovery of Jacques Cartier, in 1534, and in the two centuries following, was not fixed

     (or stable). We could add that this was so, for part of the 19th Century, as well.

What were the reasons for that?


Because, at the time, few people were literate. In fact, you can discover in almost every parish register, this phrase: "ils ont déclaré ne savoir signer et ils ont

     fait leur marque ordinaire, c'est a dire, une croix" (they have declared not knowing how to sign and made an ordinary mark, that is to say, a cross

     (or "X").). Is this last phrase 100% true? Surely not, for we have found many acts where the witnesses were physicians, notaries, engineers etc.

     whom, accord to the officiating minister, were people who did not know how to sign their name?

     One can therefore ask why the officiating minister acted in such a way. Was it to save paper? It's possible, but one thing is certain; the officiating minister

     did not (always) collect all the signatures of those who could sign their names, nor did he note all the witnesses present at the ceremonies.

     Besides, the officiating minister, or the person who transcribed the double of the register for civil archives, often did this task at a later date, when the

     witnesses were no longer there to sign!The same phrase can also be found in notarized acts, and there again, it is not necessarily 100% true (that they

      were unable to sign their name).

     You will see this for yourself in your research, when you compare both versions of the register...that of the parish and the double. Similarly, you'll find

     the same thing when you compare the originals of the notarized acts and the copies.


Because people pronounced their names differently, depending on the region they originated from. From there, to write the name according to the sound

     of it...there is only a short step for the ministers, notaries and all the public officials...whatever their function...who nevertheless had to write down the

     name.  Example: Payet, Peyet, Paillet, Payette or (even closer to home)...Sire, Syre, Cyre, Cyr.


Because in the registers, the officiating ministers indicated the name that they were "told", or those that they heard pronounced. In both cases, they wrote

     the name their own way and according to their knowledge of French.  Example: Miet, Millet, Myet, Millette, etc.


Because some ministers were careless and did not attach too much importance to the registration they were making, be it for baptisms, marriages, or

     sepultures. Example: Claude Bussot dit Lacouture had 19 children baptized at Lavaltrie. The name of his wife varies at nearly every one of these baptisms!

Why does the variation of a name go all the way to its total transformation, for different reasons?


The location of the residence, with names such as: Des Rochers, Des Ruisseaux, Des Pères, Durivage, Du chesne, Du mont, Du pont, La vallé, La montagne,

     La rivière, etc. 


Houde; became Desrochers

Trottier; became Desruisseaux

Couillard; became Desprs

Estienne; became Durivage

Guret; became Dumont

Perrault; became Duchesnes


The place of origin, with names like Tourangeau, Poitevin, Champagne, Picard, d'Anjou, Saintonge, Provenal, Bourguignon, Languedoc, etc.


Barbeau; became Poitevin

Danis; became Tourangeau

Prillard; Bourguignon

Aubin; became St-Onge

Lacoste; became Languedoc

Foran/Faran/Pharand; became Vivarias


The occupation practiced; such as miller, blacksmith, well-man (in charge of a "well"), ferry-man (who would transport people, goods and livestock in his ferry),

     baker, stone carrier, harvester, tanner (selling or working with animal hides), spoon-maker, trader in salt, tailor, etc.


miller -> meunier; became Dumoulin

blacksmith -> forgeron; became Laforge

well-man -> puisatier; became Dupuis

baker -> boulanger; became Ptrin

ferry-man -> traversier; became Latraverse

stone-transporter -> transporteur de pierre; became Chartier

nail-maker -> clou=nail; became Cloutier

bread-maker -> four=oven; became Fournier

harvester/reaper -> moissonneur; became Mtivier

worker in hides -> travailleur de peaux; became Pelletier

spoon-maker -> fabriquant de cuillers; became Cuillerier

trader in salt -> trafiquant sur le sel; became Saulnier


The profession; such as lawyer, teacher, constable etc.


lawyer -> procureur; became Bailly

teacher -> enseignant; became Lemaitre

constable/bailiff -> membre de la prvt; became Prevost


By whim or fancy...and even grudge and mockery.


Billeron; became LaFatigue

Rocan dit la ville; became Bastien

Ledoux; became Latreille

Seguin; became Ladroute


Because of one's financial situation, military, or other. Examples:Nicholas Boyer; became Nicholas ArgentcourtPerrault; became Chateauguay


The shame of a personal past...or of one's relatives, after a crime had been committed...or, for any other reason judged sufficiently serious by the person

      involved, such as exercising the occupation of executioner.

      Note: See Andre Lachance's volume on the executioners of New France, entitled "Le bourreau au Canada sous le Regime francais" (the executioner in

     Canada, under the French Regime), published by the Societe d'Histoire du Quebec, Cahiers d'Histoires vol. 18. A8. For any other reason caused by

     euphonics or the difficulty of pronouncing a name.


Cuvillon; became Quevillon

Delquel; became Dziel

How were some of the modifications of the names done by usage?


By subtraction of certain letters.


Houde; became Houd

Pelletier; became Peltier

Rivest; became Rivet


By modification of the ending.


Aur; became Auray

Leclerc; became Leclair

Perrot; became Perrault/Perreault etc.


By the introduction of certain letters into the name:


Houde; became Houlde

Hunault; became Henau

Chalifou; became Chalifour

Guillon; became Guyon


By the ommission of the first syllable:


Thiboutot; became Boutot and Bouthat


By another name meaning about the same thing:

Example #1:

Roquebrune; became Larocque (to express solidity, firmness, hardiness).

     Note: The following e-mail message was subsequently received from Robert Black... "Just a short note about the variations of the names. One of the

     names used was Larocque & Rocquebrune. It says "Roquebrune; became Larocque (to express solidity, firmness, hardiness)." This is totally wrong,

     the original name is Larocque meaning a tour or keep as the rook in the game of chess. The name Rocquebrune came from a town once owned or c

     ontroled by the Larocque family of Larocque-Ordan in the department of Gers in France. Rocquebrune is about 15 km away and still has a tower

     standing made of redish brown stone hence Roquebrune, I have been to both places. The Chateau of Larocque has the remnants of a tower built in

     about 1050 as part of the foundation. My mother was born a Larocque-Rocquebrune. Robert Black

Example #2:

To use a factual case, let's take the one of Yolande CYR published in "Cahiers Gen-Histo" no. 1, on page 19. One notes in her lineage, that there is a 

Pierre CYR married on 6-11-1828 at Ste-Scholastique, to Julienne Larocque, daughter of Antoine and Genevieve Choret. If one looks for this last

marriage under the name Larocque, it is not found! Because Antoine married under the name of Antoine de Rocbrune.

Another source of difficulty in your research, will come from variations (or the total cnaging) of the first name, as in the following examples:


At baptism, the person receives certain first names, where the last listed is usually the one by which he/she is known throughout his/her life....

    whereas, in France the opposite is customary!


At marriage (or death), if the person has been known throughout his/her life by a first name that does not appear among the ones given at baptism...and

     he/she marries or is buried under the "usual" name, this will of course, cause difficulties to his descendants and to the researchers.

Example: Wilfred Vzina married to Philomne Payette dite St-Amour.

Translating some excerpts of well-known and respected historians is all well and good, but these tend to give the impression to the readers, that these

     changes only occurred in New France...or that these names were mutilated only in the United States. Eventhough I (Claude Perrault) will translate

     several sources, all the reasons for the name changes, are not necessarily found there.Here is a case from my own (Claude Perrault) tree which

     happened not THAT long ago. It just may give insight as to how some name changes _could_ have occurred.My maternal granfather's name was

     Joseph-Edouard Walsh (now you know where the red hair comes from). In any case, he was the eldest of twelve children. The first six were baptized

     "Walsh", as was their father and grandfather. THEN, for whatever reason, theparish (in the county of Portneuf) received a new parish priest. The latter

     baptized the last six..."Welsh", When the six younger ones started school, they had to bring their "birth certificates". There, the school mistress, seeing

     the name on the birth certificates, proceeded to admonish the youngsters whenever they claimed their name was "Walsh". "Obviously", scolded the

     teacher, "it is Walsh"...that was what was entered on all their birth certificates! She decided that this was how they should learn how to pronounce and

      sign their name!

In a nutshell, today I, (Claude Perrault) have cousins whose names are "Walsh" and I have other cousins, whose name are "Welsh". All are descendants

     of the same couple.

Military Names ("Noms de guerre")

In "Les Institutions Militaires de la Nouvelle-France et les Archives" by Louis Lemoyne (published by Loisiers St-Edouard Inc., Montreal, 1981-1982),

      there are some lists of "noms de guerre".

What is surprising (and this is something that I [Claude Perrault] had not noticed before), is that the officers as well as the enlisted men had "noms de guerre".

     Also, I can't help but notice all the humorous names. In the great, great majority of cases,we will never know the stories behind those names...which is really

     too bad!.

Nevertheless, here are a few...with their meanings...and I'll let imagine how they came to be! The number in brackets, indicates how many individuals bore

     that "nom de guerre" in the registers of the invalids found at the hospital called, l'Institut National des Invalides" (France). I'll just go through the "B's"

     and "C's", and pick only a few examples, to give you an idea.


Bonnenouvelle (10) -> good news

Bonne volont (17) -> good will

Bon Vivant (14) -> enjoys the good things in life

Bristetout (10) -> breaks everything

Brizefer (30) -> breaks everything (iron)

Brulevillage (11) -> burns village

Boit sans Soif (5) -> drinks without thirst

Bouteille (2) -> bottle

Brisemenage (2) -> home-breaker

Brulemaison (2) -> burns house

Cinq Franc (1) -> five francs

Coeur ardent (1) -> flaming heart

Clefs des Coeurs (2) -> keys to the hearts

Cupidon (3) -> cupid

Cur (1) -> priest

And just so Dick Miale doesn't feel left the company of the 2nd Grenadiers of the Royal-Italian Battalion in 1763, we find that Antonio Risso and

    Georges Vanetti, both had the "nom de guerre"..."Colosso" (both measured 5', 8"). In general, the names of this company, ressembles very much those

     of the French soldiers, with "noms de guerre" like Bonvino, Il Terrible, La Vigna, Belamose, Senza Quartier and, of course, Viva l'amore.

Extract from the U.S. Census of 1820 for Madawaska

NOTE: This Census was taken by English-Americans who spoke and understood little (if any) French. The resultant Census shows that:

Alexis Thibodeau became Alevey Tebedore

Joseph became Joseph Markcue

Henri Tardif became Henri Turdey

Louis Ouellette became Lewis Willet

Joseph Sanfacon became Joseph Sanpeshow

Susan Thibodeau became Susan Tibedore

Beloni Martin became Belon Martin

Bartis Maurice became Bartis Morris

Charles Beaulieu became Charles Bolio

Merclure-McClure became Peter PcCure

Germain Morreau became Jerman Morio

Basil Martin became Basil Martin

Larion Violette became Larison Violet

Louis Sanfacon became Lewis Sanpishow

Francis Cormier became Francis Carney

Frederick Theriault became Fredric Tario

Fred Theriault became Sion Fred Tario

Pierre Cormier became Peter Camio

Olivier Thibodeau became Olivier Tibedore

Larion Bellefleur became Lario Bellfley

Nicolas Pelletier became Nicholas Pelkey

Jean Boutot became John Betuhe

Jean B. Thibodeau became John B. Tibedore

Henrie Vasseur became Henry Versier

Larion CYR became Loron Sear

Pierre Pelletier became Peter Pelthey

Germain Soucis became Germain Sourire

Jerome Morreau became Jarom Mario

Barnum Boucher became Barnum Bushiere

Germain Joshia became Jermain Joshia

Jean-Baptiste Joshia became Betis Joshia

Clement Simon became Lems Simirron

Joseph Michaud became Joseph Mashau

Guillaume Chasse became Gruino Chasse

Alorie Leclerc became Alare An L'Clare

Alexis CYR became Elecis CYR

Benjamin Nadeau became Benjamin Nador

Louis Bellefleur became Lewis Belflour

Jean-Baptiste Lausier became Batis Lewsure

Honore Levasseur became Harris Laushiere

Charles Ayotte became Charles Adyet

Jean CYR became John Sier

Joseph Genest became Joseph Jenian

Laurent Genest became Lorent Jenian

Francis Doucette became Francis Dorsett

Firmin Doucette became Pherman Dusett

Paul Thibodeau became Paulet Tibedore

Antoine Gagne became Anthony Gange

Louis Mercure became Lewis Mecure

Levite Leclerc became Levy Clare

Since the above noted (right-hand side) is the _actual_ spelling as it appears

in the old records, I think by now you must all have a better appreciation as to

why researching Acadian/French names, is NOT always an easy task!

"Dit" Names

The following information was obtained from Linda Jones and provides a good explanation (as well as many examples) of "dit names"

One thing that can make it difficult to find your ancestor is that he may have been using a different surname from the one that you expect. You will need to

     make yourself aware of any "dit" names that might be associated with the surname you're tracing, and if you can't find someone under the name of his

     child, you may find him under the dit name.

     "Dit" in French means "say" and in this context, it means "called." In other words, a person might be Pierre Bourbeau dit Lacourse, which means that

     he had an ancestor named Bourbeau, but he chooses to use the name Lacourse instead. So he is Pierre Bourbeau called Lacourse.

     People might take a dit name to distinguish their family from another family of the same name living nearby. Often it was a sort of nickname, often picked

     up during service as a soldier. Or it might refer to the place in France where the family originated. Sometimes it was the mother's surname, and sometimes

     the father's first name was used, either instead of the surname (for example, Hebert dit Emmanuel) or in addition to it (Jeanbard, Castonquay).

     In any case, very often the dit name was passed down to later generations, either in place of the original surname, or in addition to it.

    Some of his children might then keep the original surname (e.g. Barbeau), and some might use the dit name (e.g. Lacourse). After a few generations,

     it's not uncommon to completely lose the memory of the original name, or to forget which was the original and which was the dit name. The best example

     of this is the Hudon dit Beaulieu family, where you will often find people listed as Beaulieu dit Hudon. You sometimes might find a name and its dit name

     hyphenated, as in François Hudon-Beaulieu. In fact, you can generally assume that a hyphenated surname (before 1950, anyway) is the surname plus

     dit name. Just remember that any Hudon might be the child of a Beaulieu and vice versa.

     Some surnames, such as Roy, have had several different dit names. You should be aware that usually a different dit name indicates a different family.

     For example, Siméon Roy dit Audy and Antoine Roy dit Desjardins were not related to each other. So it helps us to distinguish who's who among their

    descendants if the descendants use a dit name. Pierre Roy dit Audy will be a descendant of Siméon, and François Roy dit Desjardins will be a descendant

     of Antoine. If you find a source which tells you, for example, that Pierre Audy is François Desjardins' father, you should be very suspicious.

     The sources you use may give the name as it appeared in the original document, or may list all the Hudons and Beaulieus together, under either name.

     Jette has standardized spellings, and leaves out "de" when alphabetizing, but he is faithful to the original surname of the family. So whether you're looking

     for a Hudon, a Beaulieu, or a Hudon-Beaulieu, they're all listed together under "H." Other sources may list the same person many different places, and

     some sources consider Beaulieu to be more common, and therefore they place the Hudons under "B." Don't assume a marriage or birth isn't listed until

     you've exhausted all possible names and spellings.

     And don't forget to check under the many spelling variations that were common.

     Any name that starts with a vowel, for example, might also be found with an H in front of it (Emond, Hemond, Ayot, Hayot). And the "o" sound at the

     end of a name might be spelled ot, eau, au, ault, eault, eau, aux, eaux, aud, or aut.

     Following is a partial list of dit names and their equivalents. You can also find extensive lists of dit names in Jette and Tanguay.

Acelin - Asselin

Elie - Breton, Hélie

Agnier - Haguenier

Emery - Coderre

Alarie - Lart

Émond - Edmund

Albert - Beaulieu

Eschambault - Fleury

Allaire - Daillaire

Estiambre - Sansfacon

Amiel - Miel

Etienne - Bourguet, Clérin

Amiot - Lincourt, Villeneuve, Vincelot

Fafard - Boisjoli

Amirault - Mirault

Fauteux - Bonsecours

Anctil -St-Jean

Fleury - Chambeau, Eschambault

Angers - Lefebvre

Fortin - Bellefontaine

Anse - Bernard, Hains

Foucher - St-Aubin

Arbour - Harbour

Fournier - Belleval, Dufresne

Ardouin - Hardouin

Francoeur - Brûlé, Charland, Leclerc, Moreau

Arnaud - Renaud

Gagnon - Bellesîles, Belzile

Arrivé - Delisle, Larrivé

Garnier - Grenier, Pellerin

Artigny - Rouer

Gaudreau - Gotreau

Asselin - Ancelin

Gauthier - Boumois, Comporté, Delisle, Gaultier

Aubertin - Bertin

Gautron - Larochelle

Aubin - Delisle, Mignault, St-Aubin

Georget - Briand

Aubuchon - Desalliers, Leloyal

Gervais - Talbot

Audebout - Belhumeur

Gilbert - Comtois

Audet - Lapointe

Gobloteur - Pelletier

Audy - Roy

Godin - Bellefontaine, Châterneau, Petit

Auger - Baron

Gonthier - Bernard

Babin - Lacroix, Lasource

Gotreau - Gaudreau

Bajolet - Drouet

Grandmaison - Barbary, Drouet, Leblanc, Thériault

Bard - Jeanbard, Jombard

Gregoire - Deblois

Baron - Auger, Caillault, Defoy

Guyon - Desilets, Després, Dion, Dufresnay, Durouvray, Lemoine

Baucher - Montmorency, Sansoucy

Hamelin - Bellou

Beaubassin - LeNeuf

Harbour - Arbour

Beaubien - Trottier

Hardouin - Ardouin

Beauchemin - Petit

Hébert - Deslauriers, Jolicoeur, Laverdure

Beaudoin - Courcival

Herbin - Bricourt

Beaulieu - Albert, Chauvin, Gourdeau, Hudon, Martin, Moulin, Philippe, Thomas

Houde - Desrochers, Gervais

Beaumarchais - Juchereau

Huard - Desilets

Beaumont - Couillard

Hudon - Beaulieu

Beausoleil - Bercy, Malboeuf, Normandin

Hunault - Deschamps

Beignet - Besnier

Hus - Corporal, Cournoyer

Bélanger - Catherine

Jean - Desrochers

Belfonds - Genaple

Jobidon - Bidon

Belhumeur - Audebout, Brunet, Charpentier, Philippe

Joli - Delbec, Charlebois

Belisle - Billion, Germain, Goyer, Leborgne, Lefebvre, Marboeuf, Rotreau

Jolicoeur - Amand, Bernard, Bruneau, Dubois, Dupuis, Hébert, Normand

Bellechasse - Berthier, Marsolet

Jombard - Bard

Bellefontaine - Fortin, Godin

Joubert - Chety

Bellerive - Couture, Crevier, Groton

Juchereau - Beaumarchais, Duchesnay

Bellesîles - Gagnon

Labonté - Clément, Couturier, Laporte, Petit, Rousseau

Belleval - Fournier

Labourlière - Laplante

Bellou - Hamelin

Lachance - Pepin

Belmont - Martin

Lacroix - Babin, Bourgault, Delaunay, Lefebvre, Major, Neveu, Roberge, Voisin

Bénard - Bonenfant, Bourjoli, Carignan

Lafleur - Albert, André, Cauchon, Couillard, Dugas, Gendron, Parenteau

Bernard - Anse, Jolicoeur, Gonthier

Lagacé - Mignier

Berthier - Bellechasse

Lamarre - Chabot

Bertin - Aubertin

Lamothe - Cadillac, Giboire

Bidon - Jobidon

Langlois - Croustille

Bienville - Lemoine

Lapierre - Bardet, Denis, Duchesne, Joncas, Meunier, Roberge, Toupin

Bigot - Duval

Laplante - delaBourlière, Madore

Blanchard - Raynaud

Lapointe - Audet, Clément, Godard, Robin, Simon

Bléry - Cauchon

Laporte - Labonté

Blondin - Leclerc, Sureau

Laprise - Daniau, Daignault

Blouin - Laviolette

Larchevêque - Lévesque

Bois - Charlebois

Larochelle - Gautron

Boisjoli - Fafard, Griveau, Liénard, Ravion, Renaud

Laurent - Provençal

Boismenu - Monet

Lavallée - Bouchard, Giguère, Paquet, Richard, Vallée

Boismorel - Petit

Laverdure - Bourgeois, Dutartre, Gély, Hébert, Valiquet, Verret, Vignault

Boissonnault - St-Onge

Laviolette - Beaumont, Blouin, Caron, Dubois, Dumont, Greslon, Maillot, Prévost

Bonenfant - Bénard

Lart - Alarie

Bonin - Deslauriers

Leblanc - Dussault, Grandmaison, Jérôme, White

Bonsecours - Fauteux

Leborgne - Bélisle

Bordet - Brassard

Lebrun - Carrière, Renel

Borgia - Levasseur

Leclerc - Blondin, Clair, Francoeur

Boucher - Boucherville, Desroches, Ducuron, Grandpré, Grosbois, Morin

Lefebvre - Angers, Bélisle, Belleran, Boulanger, Courville, Faber, Lacroix

Boulanger - Lefebvre

Lelièvre - Duval

Boumois - Gauthier

Lemoine - Bienville

Bourbon - Merdieu

LeNeuf - Beaubassin

Bourbonnais - Brunet, Dumay

Lepage - Pagé

Bourdelais - Arcand, Brane, Courrier, Desormaux, Talon

Leroy - Roy

Bourgeois - Laverdure

Levasseur - Borgia, Carmel, Chaverlange

Bourgouin - Duverger

Lévesque - Larchevêque, Sansoucy

Bourguet - Etienne

Lhullier - Chevalier

Bourguignon - Bourgouin, Colleret, Couturier, Dessureaux, Verreau

Liénard - Boisjoli, Durbois, Léonard

Bourjoli - Bénard

Limousin - Brunel

Boutot - Thiboutot

Lombret - Simard

Brasseur - Bordet

Maheu - Deshazards

Breton - Bion, Courtois, Elie, Girard, Hautbois, Robert

Malboeuf - Beausoleil

Briand - Georget

Marcheterre - Dandurant

Brillon - Régnier

Marquet - Clocher

Bricourt - Herbin

Marsolet - Bellechasse

Bruneau - Petit

Martin - Belmont

Brunel - Brunet, Limousin

Meunier - Lapierre

Brunet - Belhumeur, Bourbonnais

Michaud - Michel

Cadillac - Lamothe

Michel - Taillon

Cahouet - Caouet

Miel - Amiel

Canard - Renaud

Mignault - Aubin, Châterneau, Labrie

Cantin - Quentin

Mignier - Lagacé, Magnan

Carignan - Bénard, Bourbeau, Duclos

Miville - Deschênes

Caron - Dussault, Laviolette

Monet - Boismorel

Carrière - Jamme, Lebrun

Monjoly - Sansfaçon

Casse - St-Aubin

Montmorency - Baucher

Catherine - Bélanger

Moreau - Duplessis, Duportail

Cauchon - Bléry

Morel - Deladurantaye

Cavalier - Deslauriers, Rivet

Morin - Boucher, Chenevert, Valcourt

Chabot - Lamarre

Noel - Labonté

Chambeau - Fleury

Normand - Jolicoeur, Labrière

Champagne - Aubin, Beaugrand, Dupré, Fontenelle, Gouin, Handgrave, Rémy,

Normandeau - Deslauriers


Normandin - Beausoleil

Charbonnier - Desjardins

Pagé - Lepage

Charland - Francoeur

Pasquier - Paquet

Charlebois - Bois, Joly, Jolibois

Pellerin - Garnier

Charpentier - Belhumeur, Sansfaçon

Pelletier - Gobloteur, Legobloteur

Châtillon- Berson, Godin, Hardy, Mignault

Pepin - Lachance

Chauvin - Beaulieu

Perrault - Desrochers

Chenneville - Babie, Bigot

Petit - Beauchemin, Boismorel, Bruneau, Coulange, Godin, Labonté

Chety - Joubert

Phocas - Raymond

Chevalier - Biétry, Cardinet, Cheval, Lhullier, Potère, Sauvage

Poirier - Desloges

Clément - Labonté

Pothier - Laverdure

Clocher - Marquet

Prévost - Provost

Coderre - Emery

Provençal - Laurent

Comtois - Carry, Gilbert, Royer

Quentin - Cantin

Corporal - Hus

Quintin - Dubois

Couillard - Beaumont, Deschênes, Desilets, Després, Lafleur

Raymond - Phocas

Courberon - Damours

Raynaud - Blanchard

Courcival - Beaudoin

Régnier - Brillon

Courtois - Breton

Rémy - Champagne

Courville - Abraham, Baret, Billy, Cadieux, Lefebvre, Piet

Renard - Cardon

Couture - Bellerive

Renaud - Canard, Châterneau, Davenne

Couturier - Bourguignon

Reynaud - Arnaud

Croustille - Langlois

Rivet - Cavalier, Durivet, Dusouchet

Daignault - Daniau

Rotreau - Bélisle

Daigle - Daigre

Rouer - Artigny

Dallaire - Allaire

Rousseau - Labonté

Damours - Courberon

Roy - Audy, Chouigny, Desjardins, King, Leroy

Dandurant - Marcheterre

Royer - Comtois

Daniau - Laprise

St-Aubin - Casse, Foucher, Serreau

Deblois - Gregoire

St-Jorre - Sergerie

Defoy - Baron

St-Onge - Aubé, Baril, Boisson, Joly, Martineau, Ménard

Deladurantaye - Ladurantaye, Morel

St-Pierre - Boucher, Boulanger, Marquet, Perrault, Prudhomme, Rivet

Delbec - Joli

Sansfaçon - Charpentier, Duhamel, Estiambre, Monjoly

Delisle - Arrivé, Aubin, Bienvenu, Bonin, Gauthier, LeGardeur

Sansoucy - Baucher, Béchet, Girardin, Lévesque, Suprenant, Vallée

Demers - Dumay, Monfort

Sergerie - St-Jorre

DeNevers - Brantigny, Brentigny

Serreau - St-Aubin

Denis - Lapierre

Sevestre - Desrochers

Deschamps - Hunault

Simard - Lombret

Deschênes - Couillard, Miville

Sirois - Duplessis

Deshazards - Maheu

Sylvestre - Champagne

Desilets - Couillard, Desrosiers, Guyon, Huard, Mousseau

Taillon - Michel

Desjardins - Beaudin, Charbonnier, Delboeuf, Louvard, Roy, Verger

Talbot - Gervais

Deslauriers - Bonin, Cavelier, Cordeau, Dion, Favreau, Hébert, Ménard,

Talon - Bourdelais

Normandeau, Renard, Renaud, Tinon

Thériault - Grandmaison

Desloges - Poirier

Thiboutot - Boutot

Després - Couillard, Dupré, Guyon

Tinon - Deslauriers, Desroches

Desrochers - Bertrand, Duquet, Houde, Jean, Perrault, Sevestre

Toupin - Dussault, Lapierre

Desroches - Boucher, Laroux, Tinon

Trottier - Beaubien, Valcourt

Dion - Deslauriers, Guyon

Valcourt - Morin, Valcourt

Dolbec - Dufresne

Verreau - Bourguignon

Dubois - Boutret, Filiau, Quintin

Villeneuve - Amiot, Arnould, Bourbeau, Labbé

Duchesne - Lapierre


Dufrenay - Guyon


Dufresne - Bouin, Dolbec, Fournier, Thunay, Vernas


Duhamel - Sansfaçon


Dumay - Demers


Dupont - André, Gaudais, Locquet


Dussault - Caron, Toupin


Drouet - Bajolet


Duclos - Carignan


Duplessis - Gardet, Gatineau, Guillemot, Moreau, Perrin, Sirois


Dupré - Després


Duval - Bigot, Charles, Chevreul, Lelièvre, Meunier, Renaud


More Variations/Derivatives of French surnames

Aba(i)r(e) = Hébert

LaBatt = Dabat

Asselin = Ashla, Aslaw, Ashlaw, Aslin, Ashlin, Ashlow

Laf(f)ler = Lafleur

Aubin = Obin


Audet(te) = Odet(te)

Lafleur = Lafloor, Laflour, Laf(f)ler, Lef(f)ler, Lof(f)ler, Laflin

Austin = Ostiguy

Laflin = Lafleur


Lafloor = Lafleur

Bean = Lefebvre

Laflour = Lafleur

Beaulac = Bolack

Lajeunesse = Young

Beaudoin = Boardwine

Lanctôt = Languedoe, Langdo, Loncto, Lonto, Laucto, Longtoe

Benoit = Benway

Landreville = Lunderville

Benway = Benoit

Landry = Laundry

Boardwine = Beaudoin

Lang(ue)do(e) = Lanctôt

Bobo = Bourbeau

Langevin = Longway

Boileau = Drinkwater

Lareau = Laroe/Larrow

Boivin = Drinkwine

Larivière = Rivers

Boisvert = Greenwood

Laroe = Lareau/Larrow

Bolack = Beaulac

Larrow = Lareau/Laroe

Bolduc = Bolduke

Larocque = Larock, LaRock

Bolduke = Bolduc

Launcto = Lanctôt

Boncoeur = Bunker, Goodheart

Laundry = Landry

Bonenfant = Goodchild

Lavigne = Lev(i)en(e), Laveen

Boucher = Bushey

Lafave = Bean, Lefave

Bourbeau = Bobo

Laviolette = Lovelette

Bousquet = Buskey

Lavoie = Levoy

Boutain = Button

Lefave = Bean, Lafave

Bouthillier = Butler

Lefebvre = Lefave, Lafave, Bean

Boutin = Button

Lef(f)ler = Lafleur

Branconnier = Brockney

Legault=Leguolt, Legoat

Brault = Brow

L'Em(e)lin = Lemelin

Brockney = Branconnier

Lemoine = Luman

Brooks = Rousseau


Brow = Brault

Letourneau = Litno, Turner

Buckwheat = Sarrazin

Levesque = Levick

Bunker = Boncoeur, Goodheart

Levick = Levesque

Bushey = Boucher

Levi(e)n(e) = Lavigne

Buskey = Bousquet

Levoy = Lavoie

Butler = Bouthillier

Litno = Letourneau

Button = Boutain, Boutin

Lof(f)ler = Lafleur

Chagnon = Shonyo

Longtoe = Lanct&ocirct

Chainey = Sheni

Longway = Langevin

Chantal = Shontelle

Lonto = Lanctô

Charbonneau = Cole

Lovelette = Laviolette

Charron = Sharron

Luman = Lemoine

Chauvin = Shover

Lunderville = Landreville

Chicoine = Shequin

Maison = Mas(s)on

Cinq-Mars = St. Mars


Cir = Cyr

Mas(s)on = Maison

Clokey/Clouckie = Cloutier

Maurice = Morris

Cloutier = Clokey/Clouckey

Maynard = Ménard

Cole = Charbonneau

Meilleur = Miller/Millar

Comeau = Como

Ménard = Maynard

Como = Comeau


Corbeau = Corbo

Miller/Millar = Meilleur

Corbo = Corbeau

Moreau = Mor(r)o(w)

Cota = Côté

Mor(r)o(w) = Moreau

Côté = Cota

Morris = Maurice

Courchesne = Cushion

Nadeau=Neddo, Nadae, Nada

Courtemanche = Shortsleeves

Obin = Aubin

Cousineau = Cousino

Odet(te) = Audet(te)

Cousino = Cousineau

Ostiguy = Austin

Cummings = Viens

Ouellette = Willet(te), Wellet(te)

Cushion = Courchesne

Paradee = Paradis

Cyr = Cir, Sears, Sear

Paradis = Paradee

Dabat = LaBatt

Parenteau = Paronto

Danis = Dany, Downey

Pariseau = Parizo

Deaette = Deyette

Parizo = Pariseau

de St-Pierre = Dessin-Pierre

Paronto = Parenteau

Demarais = Demarey

Patenaude = Patno(de)


Patno(de) = Patenaude

Demarey = Demarais

Patry = Peartree = Poirier


Peartree = Patry = Poirier

Denault = Denno

Pecor = Picard

Denno = Denault

Pelkey = Pelletier

Derouin = Drouin

Pelletier = Pelkey

Déry=DeRye, D'Hery,

Perr(e)ault = Perro

Derry, Deary

Perro = Perr(e)ault

Deschamps = Fields, Dechand, DuChen

Phaneuf = Farnsworth

Desautels = Dezotelle

Picard = Pecor


Ploof = Plouffe

Desparts = Desport

Poirier = Patry, Peartree, Purrier, Puariea, Peiria

Desport = Desparts


Dessin-Pierre = de St-Pierre

Potvin = Pudvah

D(e)uso = Duss(e)ault

Proulx = Prue

Deyette = Deaette, Diette

Prue = Proulx

Dezotelle = Desautels

Pudvah = Potvin


Purrier = Poirier

Downey = Danis

Quémeneur=Kemener, Kimeneur, Timeneur, Kemneur, Kemener, Kimenir, Temenaire,

Drinkwine = Boivin


Drinkwater = Boileau


Drouin = Derouin


Duchaine = Duchesne

Rabtoy/Robtoy = Robitaille

Duchanno = Duchesneau

Racicot = Rasco(e)

Duchene = Duchesne

Racine = Root

Duchesne = Duchaine, Duchene Duchesneau = Duchanno

Rasco(e) = Racicot

Dumas=Demers, Demars

Renaud/Renault = Reno

Dussault = Deuso

Reno = Renault/Renaud

Farnsworth = Phaneuf

Riendeau = Yando

Favero = Favreau

Rivers = Larivière

Favreau = Favero

Robitaille = Rabtoy/Robtoy

Fields = Deschamps

Rochefort = Rockford, Rochfort, Rochford


Rocheleau = Rushlow

Fleury = Flowers

Rockford = Rochefort

Flowers = Fleury

Rondeau = Rondo

Foisy = Foizie

Rondo = Rondeau

Foizie = Foisy

Root = Racine

Fontaine = Fountain/Spring

Rouiar = Rouillard

Fournier = Fuller

Rouillard = Rouiar

Frappiea = Frappier

Rousseau = Brooks

Frappier = Frappiea

Roy = King

Fuller = Fournier

Rushlow = Rocheleau

Gaboury=Gabourie, Gabori, Gadourie

Sampierre = St. Pierre

Gagné = Gonyea

Sans Laurent = St. Laurent

Gagnon = Gonyeau

Santaw = St. Onge

Gareau = Garrow

Sarault = Serreault, Sarrault, Serault, Sarau, Sereau

Garrow = Gareau

Sarrazin = Buckwheat

Gaultier = Gotchy

Sear(s) = Cyr

Gebo = Gibeau(lt)

Seymard = Simard

Gerard = Girard/Girouard

Shangraw = Gingras

Gero = Giroux

Sharron = Charron

Gibeau(lt) = Gebo(w), Jebo(w)

Sheni = Chainey

Gingras = Jangraw, Shangraw,

Shequin = Chicoine

Jeangras, Jeangraw

Shontelle = Chantal

Girouard = Girard/Gerard

Shonyo = Chagnon

Giroux = Gero

Shortsleeves = Courtemanche

Godreau = Goodroe/Gaudreau

Simard = Seymard

Gonlah = Gumlaw

Spring = Fontaine

Gonyea = Gagné

St. Laurent = Sans Laurent

Gonyeau = Gagnon

St. Mars = Cinq-Mars

Goodchild = Bonenfant

St. Pierre = Sampierre

Goodheart = Bunker, Boncoeur

St. Onge = Santaw

Goodroe = Godreau/Gaudreau

Tailleur = Taylor

Goosie = Gousy

Taillon = Tyo

Gotchy = Galtier

Tarien = Therrien

Grandchamp(s) = Grashaw

Tatro = Tétreault

Grashaw = Grandchamps

Taylor = Tailleur

Greenia = Grenier

Teboh = Thibeau

Greenwood = Boisvert

Tétreault = Tatro

Grégoire = Grigwire

Tereo = Theriault

Grenier = Greenia

Terrien = Therrien

Grew = Groulx

Theriault = Tereo

Grigwire = Grégoire

Therrien = Tarien, Terrien

Groulx = Grew

Thibeau = Teboh


Tremblay = Trombley

Gumlaw = Gonlah

Trombley = Tremblay

Hébert = Aba(i)r(e)

Tro(t)tier=Trotchie, Trutchie, Trouchia


Trudeau = Trudo

Jacks = Jacques

Trudo = Trudeau

Jacques = Jacks

Turner = Letourneau


Tyo = Taillon

Jangraw = Gingras

Vanslatte = Vincelette

Jaquin=Jaqueen, Jackins, Jakins

Veron=Verron, Varon, Biron

Jeangra(s)w = Gingras

Viens = Cummings

Jebo(w) = Gibeau(lt)

Vincelette = Vanslatte


Wellet(te) = Ouellette

King = Roy

Willet(te) = Ouellette




Yando = Riendeau

  Young = Lajeunesse, Dion(ne)