The Deportation Of The Acadian People
Le Grand Dérangement





" To the inhabitants of the district of Grand-Pré, Minas, River Canard and
places adjacent, as well ancients as young men and lads."

" Whereas His Excellency the Governor has instructed us of his late resolution
respecting the matter proposed to the inhabitants, and has ordered us to
communicate the same in person, His Excellency being desirous that each of
the should be satisfied of His Majesty's intentions, which he has also ordered
us to communicate to you, as these presents, all of the inhabitants as well as of
the above named districts as of all the other districts, both old and young men,
as well as the lads of ten years of age, to attend the church at Grand-Pré, on
Friday, the 5th. instant, at three in the afternoon, that we may impart to them
what we are ordered to communicate to them, declaring that no excuse will be

admitted on any pretense whatsoever, on pain of forfeiting goods and chattles,
in default of real estate."


" Gentlemen, - I have received from his Excellency, Governor Lawrence, the
King's Commission which I have in my hand, and by whose orders you are
conveyed together, to manifest to you His Majesty's final resolution to the
French inhabitants of this his Province of Nova Scotia, who for almost half a
century have had more indulgence granted them than any of his subjects in
any part of his dominions. What use you have made of them you yourself best
know. The part of duty I am now upon is what though necessary is very
disagreeable to my natural make and temper, as I know it must be grievous
to you who are of the same species. But it is not my business to animadvert,
but to obey such orders as I receive, and therefore without hesitation shall
deliver you his Majesty's orders and instructions, Vist:-
" That your land & tennements, cattle of all kinds and livestocks of all sorts
are forfeited to the Crown with all other your effects savings your money and
household goods, and you yourselves to be removed from
this Province."

" Thus it is preremtorily his Majesty's orders that the whole French
inhabitants of these districts be removed, and I am through his Majesty's
goodness directed to allow you liberty to carry of your money and household
goods as many as you can without discommoding the vessels you go in. I
shall do every thing in my power that all those goods be secured to you and
that you are not molested in carrying of them off, and also that whole
families shall go in the same vessel, and make this remove, which I am
sensable must give you a great deal of trouble, as easy as his Majesty's
sevice will admit, and hope that in what ever part of the world you may fall
you may be faithful subjects, a reasonable & happy people "

" I Must also inform you that it is His Majesty's pleasure that you remain in
security under the inspection & direction of the troops that I have the honor
to command."


    Given at Grand-Pré, 2nd September, 1755 John Winslow


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