1. Beaubassin: On August 11th, 400 Acadian men, coming from numerous settlements scattered in the Chignecto isthmus and along the shores of the Chepoudy, Petitcodiac and Memramcook Rivers, are imprisoned in Fort Cumberland, formerly called Fort Beauséjour. On October 13th, 1,100 Acadians are deported toward South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Georgia. Many perish along the way, for example aboard The Cornwallis, only 210 Acadians out of 417 survive the voyage to Charleston.
  2. Cobequid Area and specifically Grand-Pré: On September 5th, 418 Acadian men are held prisonner in the church and 183 men are held at Fort Edward. On November 1st, more than 1,500 men, women an children are crammed aboard vessels and deported to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
  3. Pisiquid: Approximately 1,000 habitants are deported and their villages destroyed.
  4. Annapolis Royal and villages on both sides of the Annapolis River: 600 persons are captured and on November 3rd, more than 1,600 Acadians are deported to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and North and South Carolina. Several families are separated.
  5. It is estimated that approximately 6,050 Acadians were deported in 1755.


  1. Pobomcoup (Pubnico) : Approximately 70 Acadians are deported.


  1. Isle Royale: 4,000 Acadians are deported.
  2. Isle Saint-Jean: 3,100 are deported to France – two ships sink and 679 prisoners perish. In the meantime, 1,500 escape to the Miramichi and toward Canada – Quebec of today.


  1. Cape Sable: 200 Acadians are deported to France.


  1. Acadians who take refuge in uninhabited regions are hunted down and deported


  1. Halifax: 2,000 detained and 300 deported to France.


  1. Halifax: Of the 1,700 remaining detainees, 1,300 are deported to Boston, and then sent back to Halifax as prisoners of war.

TOTAL : More than 10 000 Acadians were deported between 1755 and 1763.

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